Enliven launches their online store and “Platinum Collection”

Enliven, Australia’s leading wholesale producer of rare and unique plants, has finally launched their much-delayed direct-to-consumer online store. The site also introduces Enliven’s new Platinum Collection; which is a range of (formerly) extremely rare plants being sold from $99.

Enliven—who are the major indoor plant supplier for Bunnings & Flower Power—will continue to supply their major corporate customers, while expanding their wholesale offering to more nurseries and garden centers. It would appear, however, that many of the high-end plants on Enliven Online will not be coming to Bunnings stores.

While the store (currently) only contains a limited selection of the plants Enliven produce, there are already some jaw-dropping inclusions. Variegated monstera adansonii ($99), Philodendron Jose Buono ($99), Philodendron Strawberry Shake ($399) and Monstera Peru Variegated ($499) are some of my personal favourites. Sadly this month’s budget only let’s me order one of those.

Shane Gowland

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