Hi! Grow It Indoors is a plant blog written by Shane Gowland, a plant enthusiast from Adelaide with a passion for sharing plant knowledge and experiences.

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Some common questions

What fertilizer do you use?: GT Foliage Focus; a weak dose once a week during the growing season, usually mixed with a drop of seaweed solution.

What’s your favourite plant store? Many “rare” plants will eventually turn up in Bunnings, so that’s probably the best place to get affordable plants. I’ve always received exceptional service from My Jungle Shack and Uprooted. Facebook groups are also great places to find a bargain.

How many plants do you have? 86, but let’s be honest, that number has probably gone up by the time you’re reading this.

What soil mix to you use?: A standard aroid mix comprised of orchid bark, premium potting mix, charcoal, perlite, and a pinch of compost.

Favourite plants in your collection? Probably my Philodendron Dean McDowell, because it was the first “rare” plant I ever purchased. Honourable mentions also go to my Philodendron Nangaritense and my (several) Xanthosoma Lindenii.