Uprooted releases Australian-first “White Vein” philodendron gloriosum

Thanks to years of careful cultivation, Philodendron Gloriosum is available in a wide variety of different forms. There are round forms, dark forms, pink forms, variegated forms, and a particularly striking white vein form.

In Australia, however, the average plant collector has only ever been able to purchase the regular form. That appears to have changed this afternoon, after Cairns-based online plant store Uprooted announced they have white vein Philodendron Gloriosum for sale.

From Uprooted’s product listing:

  • They appear to have a round petiole VS the regular Gloriosum which has a flattened petiole.
  • They have thick white veins that continue toward the edge of the leaves VS Gloriosum which have thinner veins which dont go to the edge of the leaves.
  • Described as the superior form venation but does not have an official name so we’re calling it white vein.
  • The last photo shows side by side the different forms, White Vein on the left and the standard Gloriosum on the right.
  • Please note that for reference we have highlighted the most veined leaf, not all leaves display as prominent veining.
  • Please note that they have not yet been grown to maturity so we cannot guarantee how they will grow and mature and are being sold as they currently appear.

While it remains unclear whether these are true white vein philodendrons, at only $45 it’s certainly worth the gamble. Don’t forget, however, that these are large crawling philodendrons that can grow to an almighty size.

Shane Gowland

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