Philodendron sp. Colombia has a new name: Philodendron El Guapo

A few years ago, a new Philodendron emerged—seemingly from nowhere—and took Instagram by storm. The sp. Colombia, as it became known, is a form of terrestrial (crawling) philodendron that’s similar to a pastazanum or gloriosum, but with more distinctive dark veins and a silver finish.

Photo credit: kilauea_88 on Instagram

The new name means “the handsome one” in Spanish, which is certainly fitting for such an attractive plant. Although the Aroid Cultivar Registry indicates that the name is not yet “accepted” by the broader scientific or hobbyist community, it’s already popping up in various places online.

An eBay listing for a sp. Colombia featuring the new name

Despite the attempt at providing this plant with a new name, it’s still overwhelming referred to as “Philodendron Colombia” in plant circles. It’s probably best to stick to the old name if you want anybody to know what the heck you’re talking about, at least for now.

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